The Offer of a Bowdoin Education….

A modern liberal arts education takes whatever you’re passionate about—history, medicine, music, law, neuroscience, engineering, poetry, teaching, biology—and helps you understand how it will impact the world around you.

It is the mission of the College to engage students of uncommon promise in an intense full-time education of their minds, exploration of their creative faculties, and development of their social and leadership abilities. Bowdoin is all about connections; the people you meet here, whether faculty, staff, coaches and friends, will be your friends for a lifetime.

Outstanding Fields

Bowdoin College’s Pickard Fields cover 35 acres of some of the best groomed field space in New England. Blessed with excellent natural drainage, the fields are supported by in-ground irrigation and are well-tended by a devoted field crew. Bowdoin College has been the host site for many NESCAC, New England, and Northeast Regional Rugby Tournaments for Division I and II men and women. The USA Women’s Eagles spent their 3-week Residential Camp here, prior to the 2010 World Cup.

Athletic Training Coverage

Certified Athletic Trainers will be on site for the duration of the camp, in residence halls and available 24/7. Access to training rooms for equipment, supplies, and care is available and included in the cost of camp. Should it be necessary, two hospitals are within 5 and 10 minutes of Bowdoin College.

Housing and Meals

Residential campers will enjoy three full meals/day in the #1 college dining facility in the country!  Special dietary restrictions are easily accommodated. Please note any restrictions on your registration form. Campers are housed in spacious college residence halls with 4-separate bedrooms and a large common area per room.  Proper behavior is expected at all times; appropriate activities and adult supervision will be provided in the evenings. You may indicate roommate preference(s) on your registration.

Commuter campers will enjoy two full meals/day (lunch and dinner). Commuters should plan to arrive well in advance of the first session of the day which starts at 8:45am. Lunch and dinner are provided in the #1 college dining facility in the country!  Further information about drop off and pick up locations will be furnished before camp begins. Campers should plan on being picked up at 8:30pm after the evening sessions. Campers under 18 must check in and out EACH day with camp staff. Lunch, dinner, classroom sessions, lounge space for down time, and pool use are included.

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